Bungee Trampoline
Bungee Trampolines

Our Bungee Trampolines are an ideal center piece attraction for any event, occasion or outdoor party including Christmas light switch on's, carnivals, fetes etc etc.

Comes with fully trained operators.

Bungee Trampolines can only be used outdoors.

Measuring -

27 Feet Wide

27 Feet Long

24 Feet High



    Fully ADIPS tested and insured (available on request).

  • Suitable age = 14 years and below.
  • Clearance area required = 33ft (W) x 33ft (L) x 30 Ft (H)
  • Suitable for adult use? = No
  • Suitable for indoor use? = No
  • Comes with operators.
  • Power requirements: 1 x 13amp sockets (Generator hire available if required)
  • Supervision requirements: The Bungee Trampolines will be monitored and operated by our trained staff.
  • The price that you are given will include free local delivery and operation.
  • Large events: If you wish to book this attraction as part of your funday event, please feel free to contact us, where you can provide us with more detailed information.