Rodeo Bull
Rodeo Bull

Bully is an ideal center piece attraction as it entertain's those watching as much as the person riding the bull.

Our fully trained operators will control the speed of the bull and as the rider gains confidence the speed of the bull will increase, surrounded by a soft inflatable matress waiting for the inevitable to happen...

Bully comes with a digital timer that the operator and all those watching and competing can see giving the operator the chance to record times in cases of competitions.

A music system can be added to the hire of bully giving it that special atmposheric feel.

Bully can be used indoors or outdoors

Measuring -

16 Feet Wide

16 Feet Long

12 Feet High



    Minimum door width 33 Inches required for access.

  • Suitable age = Must be able to climb on to the bull unaided
  • Clearance Area Required = 17ft x 17ft x 12 Ft
  • Suitable for adult use? = Yes
  • Suitable for indoor use? = Yes
  • Comes with operators
  • Power requirements: 2 x 13amp sockets (Generator hire available if required)
  • Supervision requirements: All items provided by Quads'N'Castles must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  • The price that you are given will include free local delivery, set up and collection.
  • Large events: If you wish to book this attraction as part of your funday event, please feel free to contact us, where you can provide us with more detailed information.